The course was held in March – June 2023, on the Åland Islands and online

The Anthropocene denotes the age in which human activity fundamentally affects the Earth’s geology and ecosystem: The age in which we live in now, where we on a daily basis live over the planet’s material limits. In this situation, traditional solutions are longer be viable. Both the game and the rules are new – and mostly yet unknown. This urges for extensive changes, also within the practice of research.

This course offered an open, inspiring and though-provoking arena to discuss how we, as social scientists, can re-address research questions and approaches to the production of knowledge, in the Anthropocene era. We believe that the creativity of junior scholars is central to the re-envisaging of the practices of the social sciences. In this course, PhD students discussed, together with faculty members and inspirational keynote speakers, not only the role and scope of their PhD projects, but also their future as social science researchers, in relation to the themes in the course. They also took an active role in the joint forming of the course together with the course faculty.

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