The course was organized in April – June, 2021 by Uppsala University (Sweden).

Course description:

Within industrial marketing, collaboration is central where inter-organizational interactions take place in relationships between companies. These business relationships, linked to a number of other relationships that make up the network, have been described as enabling companies and their strategic intentions. In addition, research shows how existing relationships prevent companies from acting on strategies independently of others. This is explained by the fact that companies act and react to other companies’ strategies in a network context. Society today can be described as highly interconnected via networks, digitalisation changes the nature of these networks and also the content of the relationships is affected – or even questions the existence of the networks and the relationships.

This doctoral course “Strategies, digitalisation and networks” links research on business relations with research on digitalisation to create an understanding of how industrial markets are affected and change or need to be changed by the effects of digitalisation.

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