A Scandinavian perspective on the travel and translation of management ideas has flourished over the past 25 years. Although this stream of literature has been well represented in contemporary organizational thinking, there are reasons for reinvigorating this discussion and explore what distinctive role that this perspective has in understanding the society of today. The empirical setting that Nordic organizations make up offers important insights into other types of organizing than those found elsewhere. The empirical access given to scholars studying both private and public organizations in Scandinavia is remarkably generous and provides for deep (qualitative) data rich in social context. Insights from Scandinavian institutionalism therewith also hold promise for non-academic organizations as a source of knowledge and new organizational understandings and imageries. This calls for a revision and investigation of the particular potential and contributions of Scandinavian institutionalism to the wider field of organizational theory and to public policy today. The aim of the standing track is to create a platform for discussion between Scandinavian scholars working in the organizational translation tradition.

Activites planned:

  • Track proposal for NFF 2024:
    This track invites papers that uses a Scandinavian translation perspective on the role and travel of ideas in contemporary society, with either an empirical or theoretical focus. Particularly we are interested to see papers that explore the specific Nordic conditions for organizing, or develops particular theoretical extensions of current organizational translation issues.
  • Young scholars’ workshop 2025:
    In August 2025 we plan to hold a workshop in Uppsala for young scholars, late PhD and post-doc, with experience from or an interest in pursuing work in the Scandinavian tradition of translation and travel of management knowledge and ideas. To the event, prominent scholars in this tradition will be invited to give key-note presentations as well as to provide feedback and discuss the work of the young scholars. The aim is to attract 10-15 young scholars to the workshop.
  • Track proposal for NFF 2026:
    This track will provide a follow-up to the 2024 track, with continued discussions on the Scandinavian perspective. This track will invite both old and new members to the scholarly debate.