The course was held January 16 – March 21, 2023. The course was taught online, except for two final days on site at the University of Gothenburg.

Course description:

The course will provide an overview of HRM research within the Nordic countries and provide knowledge about the commonalities and varieties of HRM in the Nordic countries. Lecturers from all five Nordic countries participates and will cover the following themes:

  • The evolution of the HRM research field
  • HRM and flexible work arrangements, and the role of the HR function.
  • Institutional theory/perspective in HRM
  • HRM research based on the Cranet Study
  • Human Resource Management in a Nordic Context
  • Research about Talent management
  • Distributed leadership and work environment issues
  • The role of the employees/employeeship in Nordic work life

More information:
Stefan Tengblad, Professor in Human Resource Management (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)

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