Turku School of Economics

Turku School of Economics (TSE) is a unit of the University of Turku conducting research and education in business studies and boasting internationally renowned research groups. TSE has established strong ties with the business world, is responsible for the university’s research and education in business-related studies and prepares the ground for more effective societal use of the research data produced at the university.

Turku School of Economics offers many kinds of adult education opportunities for the development and lifelong learning of individuals as well as various organizations. Our clients are businesses, municipalities and organizations in the public sector in addition to private persons. Our service provision comprehensively covers education offered by the Open University to short courses and even the Master of Business Administration (eMBA) programme.

Not only that, but we assemble tailor-made training and development programmes, too. The pivotal content of what we offer rests in the various areas of business know-how. In our adult education programmes, what is essential is the utilization of a high level of academic expertise for the development-related requirements of our clients.