Tampere University

Doctoral Programmes

The application process takes place through the university’s doctoral programmes. Before applying to a doctoral programme, the applicant should discuss the possible topic of the dissertation and other study plans with a professor or an adjunct professor in the field. Doctoral students need a responsible supervisor who oversees their progress towards their degree as well as a co-supervisor, or a follow-up group. More information on applying to a doctoral programme is available in the admission requirements of the programme as well as from the persons who are responsible for doctoral education at the faculty.

The Business Studies Unit at Tampere University undertakes diverse, high-quality business research and provides education in business and economics. A business degree conferred by Tampere University provides students with in-depth expertise and prepares them for demanding expert and management roles in an international and increasingly digital work environments. Our students can specialise in management and organization, accounting, marketing, economics, insurance and risk management, or business law and tax law.

We carry out research that generates new knowledge on phenomena relating to business, economics, management and leadership. The multidisciplinary Tampere University provides an excellent framework for carrying out research that cuts across disciplinary boundaries and provides benefits to the broader society. One of our areas of strength is research at the interface between private and public activities and economics.

The majority of our external research funding is provided by the Academy of Finland, the Strategic Research Council of the Academy of Finland, the European Commission and a number of foundations and companies. We also carry out commissioned research and assignments on behalf of external organisations. Our staff members hold a broad range of academic expert positions in Finland and abroad.

The Business Studies Unit employs approximately 100 members of research and teaching staff.  Roughly 150 graduates with a master’s degree in economics and business administration graduate from our unit on an annual basis. Our doctoral programme produces graduates with a doctorate in economics and business administration.