Copenhagen Business school

CBS is an international school, focused on developing strong links between contemporary research and the active business community. The atmosphere is intellectual, but always in a way that keeps business realities firmly in focus. Copenhagen Business School has at the moment around 18,000 students and an annual intake of around 1,500 exchange students. With this number of students as well as around 550 full-time researchers and around 900 administrative employees, CBS is among the largest business schools in Europe.

In 2010, CBS adopted its new startegy: “Business in Society”. Among other things, this mean that we wish:

  • To put learning into focus: Education deserves just as much priority as research
  • To contribute more to society: We need to get our research out of the house and help solve the substantial problems that society is facing
  • To strengthen the region and engage globally: We must focus on the Copenhagen Metropolitan Region – and take advantage of the region’s traditions