Criteria and eligibility

The NFF postdoc mobility grant is intended for travel, relocation, and accommodation directly associated with the stay at the host school. Costs for these can only be reimbursed against receipts up to the maximum amount of the grant (up to 2000 €).

Grantees must report on the use of the funds and submit their receipts as instructed by NFF within one year of a positive grant decision. Grants that have not been reported within one year of the decision can be reclaimed by NFF.

NFF postdok criteria

Eligible for the grant are scholars who

  1. Have successfully defended their doctoral thesis  in the last 5 years preceding the date of application;
  2. Hold a junior faculty position (assistant professor, post.doc., or research associate) or a research affiliation at a NFF member school;
  3. Have been formally invited to pursue research tasks at postdoctoral level at another NFF member school in a different country (henceforth “the host school”);
  4. Will spend at least 30 days at the host school in the year immediately following the date of application, and
  5. Have submitted a complete application in line with NFF instructions, including an invitation by the host school, and information about other funding received during the grant period. The maximum amount of the NFF-grant is 2000 €.

Application guidelines

Applications are sent by e-mail to the NFF Secretary.

All applications shall include the following:

  • Application letter, including a description of your planned research visit (aim, duration, goals)
  • Official invitation from the host school (which needs to be a member of the Nordic Academy of Management)
  • Calculation of costs (including a declaration of other funding sources) during the grant period
  • CV (including the date when the applicant has defended their doctoral thesis)

Grantees are expected to contribute with verbal and visual material to the NFF communication channels (website, LinkedIn page etc.) during/associated with their stay.