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September 7 – October 25, 2023, online & Stockholm University (Sweden)

The aim of course is to introduce early-stage doctoral students in marketing and business studies to the field of Consumer Culture Theory (CCT). Over the last couple of decades CCT has established itself as one of the core areas within Consumer Research and Marketing. CCT is a heterogenous research domain including alternative approaches, theories and methods in order to understand marketing and consumption phenomena, as well as the creation and emergence of markets. Furthermore, CCT gives fresh, theoretical perspectives on many of the large challenges societies are struggling with in the world – climate change,immigration, political polarization and global pandemics – challenges that future business leaders must understand. CCT is inspired by theoretical perspectives from the social sciences and humanities more broadly, such as anthropology, sociology and cultural studies. Within CCT these perspectives are applied to critically assess issues such as the creation of businesses and markets, marketing communication, trend research and consumer-driven innovation, but also to gain mature reflections upon the role of businesses in the world and consumer society.

Responsible faculty from Stockholm Business School:

Andrea Lucarelli
Jacob Östberg

Faculty members:

Sofia Ulver, Lund University
Jack Tillotson, University of Vaasa
Frank Lindberg, Nord University
Szilvia Gyimothy Mørup-Petersen, Copenhagen Business School

How to apply:

To apply for the course, send an email to the coordinator of the doctoral programme at Stockholm Business School Helene Olofsson at helene.olofsson@sbs.su.se by August 28th, 2023.

The application should include a short description of your research/ thesis idea paper and why the course is relevant to your studies (max 100 words) outlining the main research topic/idea/context of the dissertation (or article). Year of enrollment in the PhD program should also be indicated. The course mainly targets first (and second) year doctoral students, but senior doctoral students are also welcome.

A maximum of 15 doctoral students will be accepted to take part in the course. If the number of applicants exceeds 15, doctoral students from NFF member institutions take priority check whether your institution is a NFF member here.

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